FM20 Skin: Tad Twenty

 FM20 Skin: Tad Twenty
overlays: {bottom: true}

Author: wozzie

Version: v1.1


How to edit attribute box colours
1. Open Tad Twenty settings.xml
2. Change RGB values in lines 474-477:
<colour name=”low attribute background” red=”25″ green=”25″ blue=”35″/>
<colour name=”normal attribute background” red=”25″ green=”35″ blue=”50″/>
<colour name=”good attribute background” value=”rgb(5,55,65)” />
<colour name=”excellent attribute background” value=”rgb(0,140,70)” />
3. Save file & re-run FM.

How to install my FM20 skins?

– Download then extract the archive (using Winrar/Winzip/7zip or else)

– You’ll get two files. Onde for the dark skin and another to the light skin. Move them to the correct location :

Windows : Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/skins
Mac : Library/Application Support/Sport Interactive/Football Manager 2020/skins

– Open the game, Go to preferences then choose the skin you want. 

overlays: {bottom: true}

Burak Akmanoglu

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